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Melissa Bruna 

florist | designer | business owner

I moved back home in 2009 to marry my best friend and start our new journey together! My degree is in Horticulture and there wasn't a lot of opportunity for my degree in our small town. I started working part time for our City as their Gardener. Absolutely therapeutic. Loved it! I also worked full time at a Salon and began working as a Free Lance Makeup Artist hitting the Wedding scene. My first job when I moved off to College in 2005 was a makeup artist at Clinque. I instantly fell in love with it. It never felt like a job! I started to build my clientele in the area and then spread out and began traveling as far as Kansas City, Lincoln NE, Manhattan KS, and everywhere inbetween. Later that year I was offered a job at a local communications company that I couldn't pass up. Three years later we welcomed our son Arthur. Shortly before we had our little guy I started to get the itch to open a flower shop, and so the research began! I knew I wanted to create something that people had never seen before. I am a believer of community, not competition, and I wanted to share a new atmosphere with everyone. So, in 2015, after a few years of research, I took the plunge and opened a studio in Downtown Marysville, KS. I had my horticulture degree, floral design classes from college, landscaping classes from KSU, technical experience from working at our local communications company, love for all things home decor, makeup clientele, and a whole lot of motivation!! Slowly it all started to take shape. Every day I pour all of my energy into creating floral designs that are unique and different for people to enjoy. Floral Design is a true passion of mine. Landscaping and Web Designing are creative outlets that allow me to design and escape from the everyday chaos. I personally love to shop for different, unique, and fun things vintage and new, and I love to decorate with all of my amazing finds. In the Boutique I make it a goal to keep different items and brands that you can't get anywhere else close by. I invited some wonderful local vendors into the Boutique and I am always looking for more unique vendors to keep the atmosphere amazing. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! 

721 design studio opened in 2015 and focuses on the Flower Shop, Print Shop, & Boutique. Specializing in unique & creative floral design. From everyday arrangements, funerals, weddings, or special events, I consider every opportunity an honor to be apart of! Whether it's a small and simple arrangement, making it the perfect way to say Thank You & Have a Wonderful Day. Or the perfect Bouquet for the Bride to Be. Let 721 help make your special day even more amazing with gorgeous floral designs. You'll never find any flowers for sale past a week old, making the arrangements as fresh as possible! I take pride in offering fresh, quality arrangements. 

The Print Shop opened December 1st 2017. We take ideas and make them into reality, every day, for people just like you. It’s what we love to do. It’s what we live to do. We can turn your new work of art into shirts, bags, hats, apparel, or promotional items. Count on us to provide you with the best professionally done products that will make a statement for you. We are so excited to be able to offer this service to our customers.

The Boutique offers a variety of unique items to shop from. Tyler Candle Company is known for their amazing scents and for filling up the entire room. Unique scents like nothing you've ever smelled! High Maintenance is Tyler's #1 Selling Scent. It is also the #1 Selling Scent for the store. You can find handcrafted gifts such as handmade signs and body scrubs, sympathy gifts, plants, blanket scarves, and a Limited Selection of home decor. Sometimes the store gets 1 or two of an item and when it's gone it's gone, allowing it to be unique to your home!  The Berry Darling Boutique has women's clothing! Mae Mae's Baby Boutique has handmade baby bundles, burp cloths, taggies, crinkle, toys and more! Jax + Jay Baby Clothing has handmade baby clothing, bows, car seat covers, and more!  T&J Pallets creates home decor signs and  shelves. The Aqua Porch designs pre made home decor centerpieces! Peat's Creek Trading Co. builds containers, planters, and decor from scraps in their lumber yard! Freehearted makes tear drop earrings from fabric!

We are so lucky to have each of our Vendors. They help create the perfect shopping experience for our shoppers!